Patek Philippe Jumbo Ellipse 3604 ❌SOLD❌


This is a lovely Patek Philippe Jumbo Ellipse! It was produced in the 1970's and has a striking Clous de Paris textured dial. This reference was called the Jumbo Ellipse as its case size of 36mm was quite large compared to the earlier Ellipse models. Overall, this reference is one of the most aesthetically dynamic watches Patek ever made. 


The condition of this example is excellent. The dial is original and untouched. The case appears unpolished and the watch is keeping time properly although service history is unknown. 


Brand: Patek Philippe
Model: 3604 Jumbo Ellipse
Production Year: 1970's
Case Size Excluding Crown: 36mm
Case Material: 18k Yellow Gold
Movement Caliber: 28-255C
Accessories: None


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